Halloween Concerts

Let music possess you this season Let music possess you this season
  • Creepy halloween
  • Thousands of candles
    the shadows
  • Spooky renditions
    of your favorite
    halloween songs
  • Steven P.


    United States

    Simply amazing, and the stunning and unusual setting for this concert truly made it a night to remember.

  • Loris Feist


    The mood was set, the drinks were flowing and the music was LIT. It was a great experience, and the quartet played beautifully. My husband and I loved the whole thing, thank you for putting on such a cool event.

  • Larraine M.

    Los Angeles

    United States

    Loved the quartet, the lighting, the candle decor, the songs chosen for Halloween night! The perfect Halloween evening.

  • Alyssa Hope

    United States

    United States

    We had such a great time! The setup and decorations were fun and the musicians were awesome! We would definitely go again :)

  • Samantha Fleming

    United Kingdom

    The room was beautiful, the musicians were amazing and so cute in their costumes, all in all it was a beautiful night and we can’t wait to see them again!

  • Dorene F.


    United States

    The late performance in dark with candles everywhere was haunting—perfect for Halloween!! Music was amazing and lead musician was totally involved with audience with made is so special.

  • Bella Zhang


    Excellent performance. Music and atmosphere was amazing. Look forward to going to additional concerts.

  • Madalin Malloy


    Such a great halloween event and a really great venue. I highly recommend it!

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The Experience

Step into the spooky season as you take your seat at one of our many Halloween concerts taking place worldwide. Thousands of candles will illuminate the dark corners of our concerts as you enjoy what will surely be an unforgettable evening celebrating all your favorite Halloween classics including songs from Psycho, Stranger Things, The Addams Family and more…. Watch out, you never know what might be hiding in the shadows this Halloween.

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Halloween Concerts Unveiling Classical Masterpieces

Experience an enchanting fusion of classical mastery and Halloween mystique in these captivating Candlelight Halloween Concerts.Held in awe-inspiring settings, these musical spectacles bring the hauntingly beautiful compositions of Mozart, Bach, and Chopin to life. Picture yourself in a candlelit Gothic cathedral, as Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" casts a spell of eerie enchantment, or immerse yourself in a grand ballroom's opulence, where Chopin's nocturnes evoke a sense of haunting allure.These concerts transcend mere performances; they are immersive journeys into a realm where classical music and Halloween's magic merge, leaving your heartstrings resonating with emotions long after the final note fades away.

A Classical Tribute to Halloween

Experience the enchantment of Halloween in magical venues where you can revel in the most iconic melodies of this celebrated day, all while basking in the warm, inviting ambiance of candlelit. Let yourself be transported to the spine-tingling realms and eerie passages meticulously crafted by renowned composers to set the perfect Halloween night mood. Discover a truly enchanting Halloween experience, and immerse yourself in the captivating melodies that define this special day, all wrapped in the cozy glow of candlelight. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Halloween in these atmospheric settings that promise an unforgettable evening of music and emotion.

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