Classical Concerts in Singapore

Enjoy beautiful classical music concerts in a candlelit ambiance Enjoy beautiful classical music concerts in a candlelit ambiance
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Reviews of Candlelight concerts in Singapore

  • Thomas G.


    Nice venue, good music, polite staff, informative guide. Thanks for a pleasurable evening!

  • Joanne K.


    Experience was wonderful. The music from the String quartet was just beautiful. A pleasant surprise to hear the Doraemon theme as it is my favourite.

  • Mian Ijaz U.


    fantastic ambience, brilliantly exotic location, a brilliant rendition of Vivaldi's masterpiece, and overall a hugely entertaining and enjoyable experience for young and older, my 10 year old loved it.

  • Kisha J.


    So so so cozy!! and romantic!! it’s amazing how a venue that big also creates an intimate space.

  • N A.


    Can’t see Taylor live yet so this will do for now 🫶🏼 thank you, organizers and Adriana Chiew for tonight!

  • Abel C.


    Very well spaced out program, music was amazing and captured the moods very well. Gabriel was v natural with the crowd, and entertained the audience very well

  • Silvia S.


    The pianist has been amazing: in playing but also in interacting with the audience

  • Margareth P.


    It was an amazing experience! Really loved the performance, and I’m looking forward to attending more.

  • Melissa A.


    It was indeed a Magical Night. It was a great selection of classic soundtracks that brings you back to your childhood

  • Alfian Y.


    The organiser and team were great and it was a very well planned event. My wife and I truly enjoyed the experience. Thank you and congratulations to Vox Singapore for the wonderful performance!

  • Yi L.


    Amazing show, never thought BTS songs could be performed in such a way, must check it out!

  • Claris N.


    Very conducive, relaxing environment. great n polite staff service. good amount of engagement during the show

  • Viv H.


    I loved every bit of it! Been neglecting my piano for a while and it's inspired me to return to what I love! Thank you for such an inspirational night, we were able to connect to so many things you said. YOU'RE AWESOME!!!,

  • Nur N.


    The ambience created was absolutely beautiful! a splendid repertoire with an engaging star pianist! would definitely love to attend future candlelight events 💗

  • Jasmine W.


    Absolutely amazing. Such an incredibly unforgettable experience for a first-time goer. Highly recommend!!

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Candlelight music
concerts in Singapore

Experience the magic of live classical music like never before at some of Singapore's most unique venues. Candlelight performances will take you on a journey through the world of classical music in a candlelit setting, all in the midst of some of Singapore's most spectacular venues.

From classical, jazz, and pop to movie soundtracks, ballet, and other musical styles, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Classical Music and Artists for every taste in Singapore

There's a Candlelight concert for everyone, whether it's in tribute to Hans Zimmer or Taylor Swift. You can be transported by Vivaldi's music, enchanted by the best Coldplay songs, or energized by the most famous Queen's melodies. Discover your favorite artists in an ever-expanding list of classical music programs performed by pianists and string quartets.

Spectacular venues in Singapore

Every venue is carefully chosen to elevate the listening experience. Relax under the impressive CHIJMES Hall roof or soak up the architecture at The Arts House. From some of Singapore's most impressive places to its astonishing theatres and museums, each venue will sweep you off your feet while you are listening to the best classical music.

Greatest performers of classical music

Talented classical musicians from various parts of the world will undoubtedly captivate you with their expertise at our Candlelight concerts. We carefully choose the instrumental ensemble that harmonizes seamlessly with our classical music program, whether it's a solo pianist, a string quartet, a brass ensemble, or vocalists accompanied by a guitar.

Candlelit concert atmosphere

Countless candles will adorn every unique venue in Singapore, creating a serene ambiance that will enhance your Candlelight experience.

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