Classical Concerts in India

The best classical music in a candlelit setting experience The best classical music in a candlelit setting experience
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Reviews of Candlelight concerts

  • Katrina Marsden


    This was an amazing experience, the whole setup was great. St. Mary's Church looked amazing, the band was superb and the staff were very polite and helpful. I could not have asked for more.

  • Gary Kirk


    A great experience and a great band. The Blackpool Tower was beautiful and the setting was amazing. I'll look forward to seeing more of these events.

  • Hannah Parr


    Amazing show! Incredible band in an epic Wells Cathedral! Can’t wait to go to another one.

  • Orinta Kilaitė


    The most wonderful evening. Kenwood House's atmosphere was great. The string quartet played beautiful music. I will definitely be looking at more events from the Candlelight series.

  • Vicky Cunningham


    The Tall Ship and the music were beautiful. Artist was amazing and interacted well with the crowd. Highly recommend it and will be back!

  • Elana Goetz


    Phenomenal! Loved the voices, loved the music, loved the Freemason's Hall ... just loved it!

  • Liam

    St. Petersburg, FL

    The Musicians were great! I enjoyed the info in between some of the songs also. Had I known this was going to be so good, I would've bought tickets for both shows. Lastly, the staff was very helpful, and the Church was gorgeous. Much better than I expected, and I will definitely return for more events!

  • Noah

    New Orleans

    Music was beautiful and the venue was amazing with candlelight

  • Charlotte

    San Antonio

    Nice venue. Lots of f memories when younger and came to watch movies there. The staff was courteous and helpful. The performance was excellent. A nice intimate setting for Valentines Day celebration.

  • Sanchez A.


    Amazing performance! Me and my wife enjoyed it very much! Great acoustics at the church as well! Big thanks to the musicians!

  • Emilia M.


    Beautiful repertoire of songs! The music penetrated my soul….such powerful songs played by exceptional musicians!!!

  • Jamshid S.


    Wonderful evening! Beautiful music and atmosphere. Artists were very engaging and interactive. They are very talented musicians. I will follow their performances in the future

  • Christopher F.


    A great night in a beautiful room. The pianist was hilarious in talking to the audience and the music was fantastic! Our 4th Candlelight experience was arguably the best.

  • Carl P.


    Unforgettable experience. Watching the animals glide around as the music plays is very calming and enjoyable.

  • Shane C.


    What a fabulous event! The quartet was sublime and the arrangements extraordinarily clever. I particularly enjoyed the attention to detail of recreating the nuances of an electric guitar such as the feedback and harmonics. Thank you!

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The Candlelight
music concerts in India

Experience live classical music like never before. From Mumbai to New Dehli and Chennai to Bangaluru, these performances will take you on a melodic journey by candlelight within some of the India’s most spectacular locations.

Choose from classical music, jazz, pop, movie soundtracks, ballet and many, many more.

  • New Delhi

    New Delhi

  • Mumbai


  • Chennai


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Classical Music and Artists for every taste in India

Whether it’s tributes to Hanz Zimmer or Taylor Swift, there’s a Candlelight concert for everyone. Be whisked away by music by Vivaldi, spellbound by the best Coldplay songs or energised by the most famous Queen's melodies. Discover your favourite artists in an ever-growing list of classical music programmes performed by pianists and string quartets.

Greatest performers of classical music

Professional classical musicians from all over the world will leave you speechless with their skill during the Candlelight concerts.
We always choose the instrumental ensemble that best suits our classical music program: solo piano, string quartet, brass band, vocals & guitar …

Candlelit concert atmosphere

Hundreds of candles will illuminate all unique locations in India, creating a serene atmosphere that will enhance your listening to the Candlelight experience.

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