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  • Marzena F.

    Liverpool | St George's Hall Liverpool | 2022/11/18

    The Best of The Beatles

    1st time at Candlelight, it was a beautiful concert. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will book in again.

  • Lucia L.

    Leeds | St George's Church | 2022/07/30

    A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

    Bought tickets for myself and a friend. It was a relaxing evening and with great music. Very talented musicians. Well organised. Will be booking another event soon.

  • David K.

    Leicester | Guildhall | 2023/04/28

    The Best of Hans Zimmer

    Beautiful historic venue - excellent concert - staff all lovely. Superb evening. Only thing that I could recommend is they recommend parking as the NCP was a complete rip off.

  • Jemma C.

    Bristol | The Mount Without | 2023/05/11

    Hans Zimmer's Best Works

    Lovely staff upstairs and downs stairs in the crypt, what a stunning venue!! The Northern String Quartet were perfect for the venue too. Lovely evening thank you!!

  • Louise C.

    Manchester | Manchester Cathedral | 2022/02/07

    A Tribute to Coldplay

    Absolutely incredible performance sent shivers down my spine. Fever staff were polite, courteous & very helpful.

  • Francesca S.

    Manchester | Concorde Conference Centre | 2022/03/12

    Movie Soundtracks Under a Plane

    Fantastic candlight concert under the wing of the concorde. Amazing experience . Staff friendly and well organised event.

  • Sharon K.

    Liverpool | St George's Hall Liverpool | 2022/11/10

    A Tribute to Coldplay

    Beautiful night, St George’s Hall is an amazing venue and the music was wonderful.

  • Kate F.

    Manchester | Manchester Cathedral | 2023/05/19

    A Tribute to Queen

    The string quartet were amazing - incredible to create the music of Queen with strings! However, it was almost impossible to see the musicians, as they are on the same floor level as the audience. How about a platform for them please? Also the 6pm concert didn’t give the same ambience of the last evening candlelit concert we went to as obviously it is still broad daylight. We won’t book that time again in the spring & summer. Thank you tho, a great performance !

  • Ellen G.

    London | Central Hall Westminster | 2023/01/14

    Hans Zimmer's Best Works

    Actual music playing was great but it was cut short too often with speaking after almost every song, performance also could have been longer

  • Adele T.

    Bristol | The Mount Without | 2022/08/04

    A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

    The entire event was incredible. The venue is breathtaking and the music is just outstanding. The musicians played beautifully

  • Jodie S.

    Liverpool | St George's Hall Liverpool | 2023/07/08

    The Best of Zelda

    Absolutely stunning! Staff were so kind, the experience was magical. I love how it was made multi sensory I work as a SEND teacher and it ticked all the boxes. The pianist was fantastic no faults at all. We will 1000% be booking another event with Fever.

  • colette k.

    Manchester | Victoria Baths | 2022/07/09

    Vivaldi & Mozart Requiem

    amazing evening, Victoria Baths is a great location, the Quartet were flawless, outstanding 👏 loved every second of it

  • Angela H.

    Manchester | Manchester Cathedral | 2022/01/28

    Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker & More ft. Ballet

    The evening was perfect! From the first note, the string quartet whisked us away to somewhere magical. It’s an experience we will never forget.

  • Sarah B.

    London | Central Hall Westminster | 2023/05/26

    Hans Zimmer's Best Works

    I went with my daughter and we both thought the performance was absolutely amazing! Wish we were going again tonight!

  • Kirstin T.

    Edinburgh | St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral | 2023/04/28

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    I had an amazing time, venue was beautiful, performance was amazing. Loved every part of it.

  • Craig T.

    Manchester | Halle St Peter's | 2022/12/15

    A Tribute to Oasis

    It must be really hard to play all of those songs on a violin and it was made to look easy and sounded amazing!!

  • Ashleigh J.

    Glasgow | Òran Mór | 2022/04/27

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    The music was great, just the atmosphere being pitched as “candlelit” was misleading as it was daylight.

  • Meg H.

    Liverpool | The Shankly Hotel | 2022/06/30

    A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

    Absolutely stunning evening, music was just perfect. Only reason I havnt put 5 stars is the venue was a let down but I will definitely be going to another candlelight night!

  • Char B.

    London | Glaziers Hall | 2022/11/26

    A Tribute to Beyonce

    Excellent. All Staff were friendly, helpful and kind! Show was amazing Very good night!

  • Rory F.

    Bristol | Bristol Museum & Art Gallery | 2022/02/23

    Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer & More

    Fantastic experience. Loved every minute of it. The North Street Quartet were fantastic!

  • Jennifer S.

    Sheffield | Sheffield Cathedral | 2023/03/31

    Vivaldi's Four Seasons

    It was great. The atmosphere was really nice in the cathedral and the musicians were fantastic.

  • Jacqueline R.

    Liverpool | St George's Hall Liverpool | 2022/05/13

    A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

    i loved it, the beautiful setting complimemted by the fantastic musicians - lm trying to find you on You Tube? please advise x

  • Jacob G.

    Manchester | Halle St Peter's | 2023/01/14

    A Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald

    Just an incredible experience. beautiful music, incredible atmosphere & great customer service. Thank you Fever ❤️

  • Charlotte P.

    Bristol | The Mount Without | 2022/11/16

    A Tribute to Coldplay

    Absolutely incredible! Such an immersive experience! The pianist was phenomenal at the atmosphere was transcendent! Will book again!!

  • Andrew A.

    Liverpool | Sefton Park Palm House | 2022/02/16

    A Tribute to Coldplay

    Due to traffic and personal issues we got to the venue at 18:10 hrs. The gates were closed as the concert had already started. Initially the security officers would not allow us in .After pleading with them for a further 5 mins (Matt glossop is playing at our wedding in may ) they relented and went to ask the venue staff. I had paid for front row seats but had to sit at the back .

  • Andrew J.

    Bristol | The Mount Without | 2022/08/24

    A Tribute to Coldplay

    venue was great Staff friendly and welcoming Sadly not an experience though No character or soul in performance

  • Susan W.

    Newcastle upon Tyne | The Common Room - Wood Hall | 2023/06/17

    Vivaldi's Four Seasons

    My husband and I go to a lot of classical concerts. The Common Room was absolutely stunning. We would definitely go back again , but we could have enjoyed even more if it lasted longer than the time stated. Thank you for our beautiful evening.

  • Edward P.

    London | Central Hall Westminster | 2022/05/21

    A Tribute to Ludovico Einaudi

    Fantastic evening. Einaudi would have been proud, the performance was perfection.

  • Pete M.

    Liverpool | St George's Hall Liverpool | 2022/09/08

    Hans Zimmer's Best Works

    Another beautiful musical experience in a magical venue. Well organised event with friendly staff.

  • Josh H.

    Bristol | Bristol Museum & Art Gallery | 2022/04/06

    A Tribute to Ludovico Einaudi

    Played some of our favourite pieces and loved the skilled transitions to form the trios.

  • J T.

    Leeds | Left Bank Leeds | 2023/03/14

    Hans Zimmer's Best Works

    The only thing I think would add to the experience is if there was the ability to purchase a recorded copy of the performance in full. The string fusion performers were outstanding especially the lead violinist Boris and the gentlemen who played viola his compere skills were very much appreciated and he he has a lovely smile

  • Nick S.

    Liverpool | St George's Hall Liverpool | 2022/01/20

    An Evening of Frank Sinatra & Aretha Franklin

    Superb. After being stunned on the previous Saturday, I went again 5 days later.

  • Micheala N.

    Edinburgh | Nicolson Square Edinburgh | 2023/03/30

    Vivaldi's Four Seasons

    Amazing performance. Enjoyed the musicians speaking as well. 6.30pm performance was still light for candlelight so may have preferred darker but did not detract from performance. Acoustics good.

  • Elaine O.

    Glasgow | Òran Mór | 2022/01/04

    Hans Zimmer's Best Works

    The candlelight focuses you on the music, not distracted by decor of the room, adds to the experience.

  • Deanna T.

    Leeds | Holy Trinity Church Leeds | 2022/10/28

    The Best of Joe Hisaishi

    Excellent concert in a lovely setting. Beautiful music played well by a very competent quartet. Fever app was really easy to use.

  • Alex B.

    Liverpool | St George's Hall Liverpool | 2023/02/04

    Swan Lake & Nutcracker ft. Ballet

    Only in for an hour - the effort to get there, trains, time etc would be better if it was two hours

  • Lewis J.

    Manchester | Manchester Cathedral | 2023/01/21

    A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

    Horrendous didn’t play in tune was expecting a lot more from this and most the people in there were all stuck up their own a**e wouldn’t recommend

  • Linda F.

    Glasgow | The Barony Hall | 2023/06/03

    A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

    It was our first candlelight concert and the atmosphere was fantastic. Lovely music in a stunning venue (Barony Hall).

  • Gary M.

    Derry | St Columb's Hall | 2022/12/16

    Vivaldi's Best Works

    I wish there were more events like this in Derry. St Columbs hall was a fantastic venue for a fantastic evening, thank you

  • Brian K.

    Manchester | Manchester Cathedral | 2023/02/03

    A Tribute to Coldplay

    What a wonderful evening .. such talent in a beautiful setting .. staff could not have been nicer .. I could have stayed all night listening to Matt & his band .. my first visit , looking forward to more and booking maybe a better seat .. but it was really lovely Thank you

  • Denise L.

    Nottingham | Nottingham Contemporary | 2023/01/20

    Vivaldi's Four Seasons

    very good event. No real candles though so strictly speaking not a candlelit concert.

  • Stuart H.

    Birmingham | Birmingham Cathedral St Philips | 2022/02/05

    Tribute to Coldplay

    It was our first time to Birmingham Cathedral & really pleased we came. The Coldplay songs you played were beautiful, really celebrating how richly talented their music is & showing what a wonderful pianist you are (although I was hoping you'd play my favourites; Atlas & Strawberry Swing- but appreciate that there are only so many you can do in an hour!). The setting was gorgeous with all the many candles adding to the ambience.

  • Lisa C.

    London | Southwark Cathedral | 2022/02/05

    Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake & More ft. Ballet

    The music sounded excellent and was in a beautiful surrounding. The quartet explained everything as they went along. it was truly beautiful to listen too. Wish I could have seen them play to. Might as well have been listening remotely !

  • Robbert W.

    Bristol | St Mary Redcliffe Church | 2023/01/14

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    Lovely venue, very atmospheric and warm! Great string quartet! Relaxed and well organised

  • Collette B.

    Nottingham | National Justice Museum | 2023/03/18

    The Best of Hans Zimmer

    Amazing experience. Never been to anything like this before. So glad I booked. A moving experience

  • Lorna H.

    Manchester | Manchester Cathedral | 2022/01/06

    John Williams' Best Works

    We were moved from our seats to poor seats even though we paid for A class just because there were more people who arrived We were sold an orchestra and the performers were a quartet who seemed to be college students We would have enjoyed the performance as it was but felt it had been mis sold

  • Natalie C.

    Leeds | Leeds Minster | 2022/05/12

    A Tribute to Ludovico Einaudi

    Absolutely mind-blowing. The pianist was inspirational and truly took my breath away. Her playing was flawless. Thank you for a very memorable evening!

  • Troy S.

    Denver | Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum | 2022/04/28

    A Tribute to Queen and More

    Great venue, great choice of music and fun to hear facts about the music writers. Folding chairs not comfortable for 1 hour. Would do it again.

  • Jamie R.

    Los Angeles | Ovation Square Long Beach | 2022/04/27

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    A lovely, intimate experience that somehow feels both romantic and spiritual at the same time. 💛

  • Anthony M.

    San Diego | The Greek Amphitheater at PLNU | 2022/07/01

    Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Scores

    very well done by the musicians! created a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. Not too long and if you bring a blanket you'll be protected from the evening ocean breeze, recommend bring your own food and drinks

  • Jill B.

    New York | Irondale | 2022/08/26

    Featuring Tchaikovsky & More

    Lovely, lovely performance. Musicians and dancers were phenomenal. Not the fault of the venue or Fever but spectators were rude with dropping phones (4 times throughout) and walking past the stage area DURING a performance. So disrespectful. Would absolutely attend another Fever production.

  • Jessica V.

    Richmond | Bolling Haxall House | 2023/04/13

    A Tribute to Queen and More

    Wonderful musicians! Loved the background stories of the music. Would definitely go again!

  • Miguel G.

    Chicago | Salvage One | 2022/06/30

    A Tribute to Juan Gabriel

    Great atmosphere and amazing talented band. Loved the band. The only small issue was that it was a little short. It was only about an hour long.

  • Sylvia P.

    San Diego | Adams Avenue Theater | 2023/05/04

    A Tribute to Juan Gabriel

    We loved it!! A surprise gift for mom and we enjoyed every minute, sang every song . She was happy and excited !!

  • Angela S.

    Tampa | Tampa Garden Club | 2022/05/26

    Classic Rock on Strings

    The Listeso Quartet was amazing.They played the best Classic Rock songs.Been to several Fever Candlelight shows in the Dallas area but none had decorated with as many candles as Tampa. Beautiful & perfect venue.

  • John P.

    Denver | Kirk of Highland | 2023/03/24

    A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

    Inventive and believable arrangements, expertly, playfully and passionately performed. A most enjoyable evening.

  • Anthony M.

    SF Bay Area | Grace Cathedral | 2023/03/04

    A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

    it was such a wonderful experience. Not enough stars to rate high enough. Money well spent!

  • Brian H.

    Tampa | Centro Asturiano de Tampa | 2023/05/26

    A Tribute to Queen & More

    Took my wife to the Queen Candlelight event and she loved! Great event with little tidbits of trivia on songs. Highly recommend taking your wife if she likes an artist they are performing.

  • Tonya J.

    Philadelphia | City Winery Philadelphia | 2022/03/03

    Celebrating Billie Holiday & Amy Winehouse

    Absolutely Amazing!!!! I enjoyed last night just as much as Brandon and the band last week!! Two weeks of great entertainment.. i am rolling the dice again can't wait for the next one. You guys have a wonderful ear for young talented musicians and singers

  • Kevin S.

    Chicago | Wicker Park Lutheran Church | 2023/02/25

    Featuring Vivaldi’s Four Seasons & More

    Awesome experience, the performers were amazing and the whole production was very well put together. Definitely will be a long time customer, hoping to go to several shows per year to get my classical music fix :) thank you!


    Boston | City Winery Boston | 2022/03/22

    Modern Divas of Pop With Songs by Beyoncé & Lady Gaga

    The performance was really great. Have never been to this type of candlelight performance. Would like to see more maybe it could be set up with a romantic over tone I noticed a lot of couples. And the Diva songs really set the mood.

  • S S.

    Kansas City | Gem Theater | 2022/05/20

    A Tribute to Queen & More

    The concept of this show got my attention, but the execution and the talent of the quartet will keep me coming back for more. The Gem Theater was majestic and comfortable. Hearing the complicated and soaring music of Queen replicated by stringed instruments was unbelievable. Hearing Freddy Mercury's voice in strings took me places. Do not miss events like this. I definitely won't going forward!

  • Tasneem D.

    Los Angeles | Ovation Square Long Beach | 2022/06/22

    A Tribute to BTS

    hard to properly hear in the back, please increase volume on speakers. everything else was wonderful!

  • Josephine P.

    Miami | Jungle Island | 2023/02/03

    A Tribute to ABBA

    It was a beautiful night of music. I love these string quartet concerts. So beautiful 🥰

  • Adrienne K.

    Cleveland | Maltz Performing Arts Center | 2022/10/29

    A Haunted Evening of Halloween Classics

    Really nice mixture of music and some narrative (and humor) by the musicians. I was very happy to see these very excellent performers in a new deconstructed venue where they were able to entertain and to relate to the audience as individuals. I would recommend these concerts to others, offer them as gifts, and attend again myself. Great job!

  • Jessica H.

    Dayton | Dayton Masonic Center | 2022/07/10

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    Stunning, beautiful, perfect length. Two things that would have made it better- 1. It was hard to see from the floor seats(which were the most expensive) unless you were in the front row or super tall. 2. I realize allowing drinks during the show may not be a good idea but offering a cocktail beforehand(for sale not free) would be nice.

  • Tiffany T.

    Portland | The Old Church Concert Hall | 2023/04/01

    Favorite Anime Themes

    Performance was really good! I wish that the performers knew or liked the subject matter that they were playing, that would really elevate the experience since most of the audience is really passionate about it! In this case it was anime themes. The MC was transparent about not knowing much about it and mis pronounced a lot of the the verbiage. Other wise it was a magical experience, the greeters were welcome and friendly!

  • Steven P.

    Atlanta | The Chapel on Sycamore | 2022/09/08

    Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Scores

    Used electric candles :( Difficult to see the performers from the second row of the middle section. Otherwise, really awesome.

  • Cody G.

    San Diego | San Diego Natural History Museum | 2022/11/04

    A Tribute to Beyoncé

    Amazing, but could not understand Anything the gentleman with microphone said when he was giving instructions over loud speaker prior to lining up in our seating zone line

  • Roberta B.

    Los Angeles | Skirball Cultural Center | 2023/03/08

    The Best of Hans Zimmer

    Loved the venue and the beautiful candlelit room. I guess I'm just not a big strings fan. I DO think that giving the audience permission to film spoiled the ambiance. Also, setting up the room with more of a semi-circle seating would have been more intimate and engaging for the audience, maybe. All in all, glad to have participated. Thank you.

  • Larraine M.

    Los Angeles | Warner Brothers Studio SJR Theater | 2023/05/09

    100 Years of Warner Bros.

    Disappointed in the repetitive selections. No variety just 3 violins and a cello. Hard to discern the shows that the music came from

  • Dorene F.

    Dallas | Frontiers of Flight Museum | 2023/05/24

    A Tribute to Queen and More

    Loved the string ensemble and their interpretation of the music of Queen! Just beautiful!

  • Alice M.

    Cincinnati | The Transept | 2022/10/19

    A Haunted Evening of Halloween Classics

    Really great experience! So hard to believe the talent of this quartet and by candlelight. Beautiful evening for my husband, daughter and I. Loved it!

  • Babby V.

    Miami | Hotel Colonnade Coral Gables | 2022/07/15

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    I saw Taylor Swift's songs on strings and it was amazing. The venue was also lovely with all the candles! Loved the experience! 100% Recommended!

  • Amy C.

    San Diego | CHAPEL | 2023/01/28

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    Love love loved it! The music was amazing and the musicians were a crowd favorite!!


    Fort Lauderdale | Savor Cinema Fort Lauderdale | 2022/09/02

    A Tribute to Coldplay

    Excelente qualidade musical. Com mais velas e ambiente mais escuro ficaria perfeito.

  • Nat K.

    New York | The Williamsburg Hotel | 2022/06/17

    Best of Amy Winehouse

    Band AND lead singer were very good. I transformed back to those Amy Winehouse days. Great job

  • KATE B.

    Milwaukee | Calvary Presbyterian Church | 2023/01/20

    Featuring Vivaldi’s Four Seasons & More

    For a $50 ticket I expected a little bit higher quality. The quartet and music itself was great. But the staff during the performance kept opening the door during the performance and going in and out which was kind of distracting. Also the radiators in the church were making these loud crackling noises for the first half that made it hard to hear. And I couldn’t hear very well any time the quartet members spoke. A hand held mic for them would have gone a long way.

  • Dori G.

    Chicago | Stan Mansion | 2023/04/06

    A Tribute to Adele

    Such a great experience! Talented musicians and extremely entertaining. We’ll be looking for their other performances.

  • Jimena G.

    Houston | The Astorian | 2022/09/15

    A Tribute to Juan Gabriel

    The sound system was terrible. Lead singers have fantastic voices (specially the girl), but the band was way to loud so voices were never appreciated.

  • Ernesto G.

    Dallas | Edison's | 2022/05/25

    Favorite Anime Themes

    Music on point 💯 blended so we'll and I could follow every instrument of the quartet if I needed to

  • Penny T.

    Indianapolis | Scottish Rite Cathedral | 2023/02/14

    Valentine's Day Special ft. "Romeo and Juliet" and More

    Thoroughly enjoyed. The venue is spectacular and the quality of the production was amazing

  • Kristina P.

    Miami | Jungle Island | 2022/02/27

    A Tribute to ABBA

    These concerts are always phenomenal. The quartet is so talented and make the show so fun. The outside is best but inside was very enjoyable as well. Highly recommend them

  • Maggie d.

    Miami | Hotel Colonnade Coral Gables | 2022/07/21

    A Tribute to Queen and More

    Helpful and friendly staff. Super organized event. And of course, incredible musicians.

  • Roger C.

    Cincinnati | Bell Event Centre | 2023/01/11

    Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Scores

    My only complaint is that I couldn't hear the musicians when they spoke between pieces. A negative side effect of this was the murmuring among audience members trying to inform each other of what was said, and what will they be playing.

  • Laura E.

    Orange County | The Richard Nixon Library & Museum | 2023/07/19

    A Tribute to Abba

    Incredible experience. When she said they had two songs to go, my daughters and I looked at each other in shock! How did this night end so quickly? It was so much fun. Searching my calendar for the next free night…

  • Jacquenette D.

    Chicago | South Shore Cultural Center | 2023/02/18

    Jazz, Soul, and Blues - Celebrating Black America

    I enjoyed the evening's performance immensely. The vibe, the atmosphere, the singing, the music, the people, the venue were all fantastic!

  • Kim L.

    Raleigh | Merrimon-Wynne House | 2022/11/30

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    Such an awesome experience. Very talented group and an impressive musical tribute. 10/10!

  • Daniela R.

    San Antonio | The Josephine Theatre | 2022/07/15

    Featuring Vivaldi’s Four Seasons & More

    The music was great. The only complaint I would have is that it did not start on time and I think it's because people were still buying drinks from the bar.

  • marisa s.

    San Antonio | The Josephine Theatre | 2022/10/29

    A Haunted Evening of Halloween Classics

    what a wonderful experience! it was excellent and I am definitely returning to see another show.

  • Janet H.

    Tampa | Centro Asturiano de Tampa | 2022/10/02

    From Bach to The Beatles

    The String Quartet Concert “Bach to The Beatles” at Centro Asturiano was fabulous. The entire candlelight series should not be missed. The staff at CA were so lovely and accommodating. A glass of wine, comfortable seats romantic atmosphere and incredible music! You won’t regret it!!!

  • Perry C.

    Raleigh | All Saints Chapel | 2023/03/22

    A Tribute to Queen

    The string quartet was amazing and fun. It's incredibly impressive what they can do. My only issue is the seating. The Gentlemen in front of me slide his seat back a couple of inches and he was practically sitting in my lap. I wish the seats were more stationary.

  • Lisa J.

    Edmonton | Triffo Theatre in Allard Hall | 2022/12/21

    Holiday Special featuring “The Nutcracker” and More

    A perfectly lovely performance right before Christmas. The candles, venue and musicians were all amazing!

  • Siobhan C.

    Calgary | The Lantern Community Church | 2022/06/25

    A Tribute to ABBA

    What a fantastic show!! My entire family loved it and will be back to watch again. :)

  • Ian P.

    Toronto | Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto | 2022/06/03

    A Tribute to Queen and More

    Truly earned the 5 stars. This performance was fantastic. The musicians were absolutely incredible artists.

  • Renee K.

    Toronto | Paradise Theatre | 2022/04/14

    The Best of Hans Zimmer

    A memorable surreal moment listening to such talented artists bringing out a melange of emotions through music.

  • Sharron H.

    Ottawa | First Baptist Church | 2022/06/03

    A Tribute to Queen and More

    Besides being warm, the venue is wonderful. Maybe it would help if the ceiliing fans could be operational.

  • Dora W.

    Vancouver | Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church | 2022/05/28

    Vivaldi Four Seasons

    Absolutely wonderful and highly talented musicians I was enthralled and the music filled my soul.

  • Sean B.

    Toronto | Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto | 2022/12/13

    The Best of Joe Hisaishi

    wonderful performance and awesome to see / hear that (forgive me if misspelt) Violinist Heman knew and appreciated the music of Hisaishi and the magic of the Ghibli movies. It really showed, my partner and I were tearing up during some of the songs. truly a magical night

  • Annie S.

    Ottawa | First Baptist Church | 2022/10/29

    A Haunted Evening of Halloween Classics

    The repertoire choices were perfect for the atmosphere, and the performers were lots of fun.

  • Gay M.

    Toronto | Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto | 2022/03/15

    From Bach to The Beatles

    Good location ( Metropolitan Community Church) but suggest you mention parking options on website.

  • Alex B.

    Ottawa | Knox Church | 2022/10/14

    A Tribute to ABBA

    Excellent performance! Very talented musicians playing a great collection of ABBA’s hits - highly recommended!

  • Sarah M.

    Toronto | The Great Hall Toronto | 2022/08/08

    A Tribute to Adele

    Really beautiful venue and talented string quartet. Even in section C I still had perfect visibility. Would recommend :)

  • KAREN H.

    Vancouver | Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church | 2022/02/05

    A Tribute to ABBA

    We attended this venue in the summer for another performance, however it was not dark enough to enjoy the candlelight experience, however last night having the performance start at 8.45 we were able to thoroughly enjoy the experience and the ambiance created in the venue with the candlelights.

  • Jude C.

    Calgary | The Lantern Community Church | 2022/03/19

    A Tribute to ABBA

    Not at all... we were lucky enough to get front row centre... it was amazing.. I've missed culture!

  • Florence C.

    Vancouver | Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church | 2023/01/27

    Vivaldi Four Seasons

    The fact that the performers were playing at ground level makes it harder for everyone to see especially if they're seated towards the back. I was the first row of c and hardly saw any of the performers, which was a shame. It would've been nice had the performers were elevated on a stage so that much of the audience could see better. Although mezzanine tickets are cheapest, I think the audience would've had a better view of the performers.

  • Rachel M.

    Toronto | Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto | 2022/12/16

    Favourite Anime Themes

    Wish show was longer Appreciated how people were let in, after show already started, in-between songs

  • Matt D.

    Toronto | Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto | 2022/04/08

    Vivaldi Four Seasons

    I came for the Four Seasons which were beautifully executed. The additional pieces were also well done but unfamiliar to me so not as engaging.

  • Martina C d.

    Vancouver | Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church | 2023/02/10

    Beethoven’s Best Works

    The String Quartet performed the Beethoven collection quite beautifully. Thank you.

  • Bruce S.

    Toronto | Paradise Theatre | 2023/03/14

    A Tribute to Legendary Women of Jazz, Soul and R&B

    Our first experience going to a Fever Concert. The Singer was not very good. She performed a range of songs of which the first two and the last two she did well but in the main we did not enjoy her singing. The overall experience was good so we will try another Fever concert. The band was good......

  • Dana V.

    Toronto | The Great Hall Toronto | 2023/07/19

    Featuring Tchaikovsky and More

    The performance was good, but the sound quality was terrible. The staff was super unhelpful and the venue was so old and creaky it was distracting. The doors were constantly open, flooding light into the venue, ruining the moody candle-lit space. It was extremely hard to see, hard to hear, and the folding chairs were so uncomfortable and low-budget, I couldn’t believe I paid $40 per chair. Honestly this is my second candlelight, and I don’t think I would return.

  • Susie L.

    Toronto | Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto | 2022/02/12

    Valentine's Day Special ft. "Romeo and Juliet" and more

    Mesmerizing from the very first notes, this was an incredibly intimate and uplifting concert. The musicians were exceptional, as was each mini-narrative before each song. I have already reserved seats for another show next month.

  • Ron M.

    Calgary | The Lantern Community Church | 2022/06/04

    A Tribute to ABBA

    Wonderful candlelight setting for a live acoustic music event. Performance was great and the Abba tribute musical arrangements were excellent. Acoustics were lovely, too. My only issues with the venue is the benches are not comfortable and there is one single washroom available to concert goers. Recommend!

  • Catherine P.

    Toronto | Longboat Hall | 2022/03/22

    Modern Divas of Pop Featuring Songs by Beyoncé and Lady Gaga

    very interesting. Should have been more clear that it was standing tickets that we purchased

  • Thien T.

    Toronto | Paradise Theatre | 2022/07/20

    The Best of Hans Zimmer

    My favourite part is when the DC-named guy jumps up and says “It’s Zimmer time!” then perform the best Man of Steel score I ever heard in live!

  • Shannon C.

    Vancouver | Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church | 2022/03/11

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    The ambiance & performance was absolutely stunning. I took my daughter Sophia as a "secret surprise" for her 17th birthday. We were both swept away & she and I each will remember this evening for a lifetime.

  • Deborah G.

    Vancouver | Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church | 2022/03/19

    Vivaldi Four Seasons

    Great evening , wonderful musicians in candlelit church with time for dinner afterwards .

  • Nathan G.

    Edmonton | Pioneers Cabin | 2022/07/06

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    Incredible musicians, coupled with the venue was an absolute beautiful evening!

  • Brett F.

    Winnipeg | Manitoba Museum | 2023/02/15

    A Tribute to Queen and More

    All in all a great experience. Talented musicians. Entertaining and well worth the money!

  • Kenny O.

    Winnipeg | Fort Garry Hotel Concert Hall | 2023/04/13

    A Tribute to Coldplay

    Thank you for so much for surprising my husband for his birthday and playing his favourite song from cold play

  • Elizabeta V.

    Toronto | Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto | 2022/08/05

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    I had a great time as a Taylor swift big fan. I also brought my cousin which enjoyed it very much.

  • Stacey E.

    Calgary | The Lantern Community Church | 2023/01/07

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    Amazing performance and beautiful venue exceeded our expectations and more. Our family throughly enjoyed it. The host who spoke to the audience between songs was awesome and made the experience even more enjoyable with their ‘Swiftie’ comments ❤️

  • Cynthia M.

    Vancouver | Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church | 2022/06/03

    A Tribute to Queen & More

    All was fantastic really emotive thank you so much for this evening! (The washroom should be more clean and tidy)

  • Jasmin J.

    Edmonton | Betty Andrews Recital Hall | 2022/11/25

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    One of the most enjoyable experiences I've had the privilege of attending which combines beautifully composed string arrangements by my favourite artist in an intimate candle lit venue. Incredibly talented and local musicians with a little bit of laughter and a whole lot of emotion. I highly recommend getting tickets. Thank you!

  • Michelle N.

    Vancouver | Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church | 2023/05/20

    Vivaldi Four Seasons

    One reason I bought the tickets was for the ambiance and to hear talented musicians.

  • Monica S.

    Calgary | Muse Meadows | 2022/08/04

    A Tribute to Queen and More

    performance was extremely well done. Enjoyed the blend of Queen and others as they tied in well for an enjoyable story. will be back for another show

  • Michelle L.

    Edmonton | Pioneers Cabin | 2022/06/03

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    What a wonderful night! Quite magical, and beautiful ambiance. Would definitely attend another concert, and the location was perfect.

  • Ruvimbo S.

    Calgary | The Lantern Community Church | 2022/05/21

    A Tribute to Queen & More

    A beautiful location which added to the atmosphere! Also appreciated that the windows could be covered to ensure that we got the full candlelight experience even though it was still bright outside

  • Cathy A.

    Vancouver | Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church | 2022/04/16

    A Tribute to ABBA

    Great venue. Pretty church. I was dying to hear the organ lol. It looked magnificent

  • Beverley M.

    Edmonton | Pioneers Cabin | 2023/03/23

    A Tribute to Louis Armstrong

    Great calibre of talent. Enjoyed all the interesting dialogue about Louis along the way. Thank you, Joel. Also enjoyed the relaxing, intimate venue.

  • Danny V.

    Winnipeg | Manitoba Museum | 2023/02/15

    A Tribute to Queen and More

    Musicians were funny and very talented, venue was great for acoustics, atmosphere was very intimate. 5/5 great date night. I have zero to complain about. One tiny suggestion though..... It would kick up the experience even more if future candlelight events were licensed for wine and beer.

  • reem r.

    Toronto | Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto | 2023/04/15

    Favourite Anime Themes

    It was a absolutely beautiful night they performed perfectly I would highly recommend you attend a show of your liking

  • Ahmad S.

    Toronto | Paradise Theatre | 2022/05/17

    The Best of Hans Zimmer

    It was an amazing experience. I'll definitely revisit for more events like these

  • Lee Ann M.

    Ottawa | First Baptist Church | 2022/02/23

    A Tribute to Coldplay

    Piano was not in tune and pianist made many mistakes. The Scientist and Viva was played well but suggest slowly the tempo of other songs to appeal to people's emotions, even if it means not playing as many songs overall, or shortening them. I like how he flowed from one song into the next. A page turner may be helpful. On a different "note" the setting was beautiful. Hope that helps.

  • darlene w.

    Edmonton | Betty Andrews Recital Hall | 2023/05/25

    A Tribute to Rock and Pop Classics

    Bok Brass was excellent in Edmonton tonight. The leader and MC was very funny and had great comments about the pieces. First time to a Candlelight concert. Exceeded my expectations!

  • Kayla K.

    Edmonton | Betty Andrews Recital Hall | 2023/01/06

    A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

    Was a great concert! The musicians were very talented, the setting was beautiful and it was small and intimate. Would recommend and will go again to other shows!

  • Sasa B.

    Calgary | The Lantern Community Church | 2022/10/31

    A Haunted Evening of Halloween Classics

    Superb concert series, entertaining and beautifully played, plus an amazing venue!

  • Christopher F.

    Sydney | Sydney Masonic Centre | 2023/01/21

    Best of Fleetwood Mac

    A great night in a beautiful room. The pianist was hilarious in talking to the audience and the music was fantastic! Our 4th Candlelight experience was arguably the best.

  • Carl P.

    Melbourne | Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium | 2022/09/27

    Film Scores

    Unforgettable experience. Watching the animals glide around as the music plays is very calming and enjoyable.

  • Bec B.

    Geelong | Geelong West Town Hall | 2023/07/01

    A Tribute to Queen

    Another awesome show. This venue is great because it’s easy to park and within walking distance to lots of great places to eat as well

  • Julie H.

    Melbourne | The Athenaeum Theatre | 2022/01/08

    Best of Aretha Franklin

    Great selection of songs, some familiar, a couple less familiar. Singer and band were awesome..

  • Natalie A.

    Melbourne | 75 Reid St | 2022/08/11

    Best of Fleetwood Mac and More

    loved every moment of the experience. The artist we super talented, showed their passion for their craft and we very entertaining

  • Shane C.

    Brisbane | State Library of Queensland | 2023/01/28

    Tribute to Queen

    What a fabulous event! The quartet was sublime and the arrangements extraordinarily clever. I particularly enjoyed the attention to detail of recreating the nuances of an electric guitar such as the feedback and harmonics. Thank you!

  • bridget h.

    Melbourne | The Athenaeum Theatre | 2023/03/23

    Vivaldi Four Seasons

    It was absolutely fantastic, also loved the extras at the end. The only improvement would be making it clearer to people to not record until the designated section at the end. The voice that gave that instruction seemed a little muffled and I think most of the people in my row must have missed it. They were very distracting. Also people rustling their plastic snack bags was very distracting. Obviously not the organisers issue but was very annoying. Otherwise, so wonderful


    Perth | Perth Town Hall | 2022/11/17

    Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin and More

    The Town Hall never looked better and the music was first class. We all enjoyed it very much

  • Sue M.

    Melbourne | The National Theatre Melbourne | 2022/10/28

    A Tribute to Amy Winehouse

    Elly Poletti is AMAZING - her voice is incredible and she has a terrific personality! As a threesome the Luminosity Trio are an amazing ensemble of musicians. A wonderful hour to be immersed in the music and divine vocals of Amy Winehouse / Elly

  • Anjana B.

    Melbourne | The Athenaeum Theatre | 2022/01/06

    A Tribute to Queen

    Absolutely blown away! The musicians are amazing and a big thank you to the ushers for positioning people in such a way that others don’t block your view! Thank you! I’ve already booked another night!

  • Nikki S.

    Sunshine Coast | Flaxton Gardens Sunshine Coast | 2023/01/21

    The Best of Hans Zimmer

    More direction on where to go at what times. Like a bit more organization. We didn't know when we could start lining up or where. But other than that, fantastic!

  • Brie N.

    Newcastle | 48Watt | 2023/05/03

    Vivaldi Four Seasons

    Wow! Just wow! What a wonderful experience! The ambiance and the incredible musicians made it a truly memorable night!

  • Prutha P.

    Melbourne | St James’ Old Cathedral | 2023/07/14

    Mozart's Best Works and more

    This was my second time to a candlelight event and I absolutely loved it! Such a beautiful experience

  • Andy L.

    Sydney | Sydney Masonic Centre | 2022/04/29

    Best of Joe Hisaishi

    It was pretty insane.... So much emotion played into these pieces , well done Phoenix Collective

  • Tracey L.

    Sydney | Sydney Masonic Centre | 2023/05/20

    Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin and More

    Amazing show. Music snd band were phenomenal. Funny great banter and brilliant vocals.

  • Babak A.

    Melbourne | Meat Market | 2022/08/05

    Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake & More ft. Ballet

    Cozy, intimate and delightful Will do it again and definitely recommend to all

  • Jo M.

    Perth | Perth Town Hall | 2022/08/12

    A Tribute to Radiohead on Strings

    The band was superb. The ambience of Perth Town Hall was lovely. The actual seats were terrible, as in hard and uncomfortable. The show would have benefited by having speakers at the back as well.

  • T J.

    Sydney | The Linseed House | 2022/07/08

    Best of Aretha Franklin

    Please include an acknowledgement of country before you start your performances!! Also a lot of Aretha Franklin’s songs contain backing vocals, and although the main singer was great, I think the songs didn’t reach their full potential without backing vocals. Also would have been great to see some black artists representing a black musician.

  • Diane O.

    Brisbane | St John's Cathedral | 2022/01/14

    Tribute to Queen

    Check in details were not always viewed to ascertain that people had the correct seating.

  • Ashlea E.

    Sydney | St Stephen's Uniting Church | 2022/07/16

    Tribute to Elton John

    Misleading event description. We are very disappointed, it has unfortunately tainted our experience using Fever and won’t have the same confidence booking in the future. It did not state that this was a ‘instrumental’ tribute to Elton John.

  • Devon O.

    Perth | The Naval Store | 2022/07/08

    Vivaldi's Four Seasons

    The performance and venue was spectacular. All the staff were very friendly and helpful. There was only one person at the door scanning the codes so it took quite a while to get into the venue which was the only slight issue from the night. Perhaps more staff on the door to direct people and scan codes would be great. But all in all a magical experience I would definitely recommend to people and I would love to go again.

  • Taylor V.

    Brisbane | St John's Cathedral | 2022/01/15

    Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake & More

    Absolutely incredible! The musicians were so talented and their performance so finessed. Would recommend it without hesitation.

  • Cheryl D.

    Perth | Wesley Church | 2023/02/25

    Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and More Jazz Greats

    Unfortunately it was hard to hear the music clearly. It was also very hot inside the church.

  • Catalina M.

    Brisbane | St John's Cathedral | 2022/07/21

    Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake & More

    It was a long queue waiting outside of the Cathedral for the opening hour when suddenly started the wind and next heavy rain, in 5 minutes everyone was wet. They should use a few criteria related to the situation and let people wait inside doing the same queue in the aisle of the Cathedral instead of being outside getting wet because it was enough space for everyone.

  • Cristina H.

    Sydney | Sydney Masonic Centre | 2022/09/17

    Magical Movie Soundtracks

    It was a wonderful experience. The kids especially enjoyed listening to familiar disney movie sountracks. Well done!

  • Jasmine R.

    Adelaide | The Meeting Hall | 2023/06/10

    Best of Hans Zimmer

    Wonderful experience for my daughters 16th birthday present. Memorable to say the least.

  • Glynda T.

    Perth | Dolphin Theatre | 2022/01/15

    A Tribute to Beatles on Strings

    Had trouble hearing the lady who announced what was next as we were at the back where the organ is

  • Janette F.

    Sydney | Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace | 2022/07/21

    Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker ft. Ballet

    Magical experience and I was mesmerised by the ballet dancers feet amongst all the candles

  • Jade H.

    Canberra | James Fairfax Theatre, National Gallery of Australia | 2023/01/14

    Vivaldi's Four Seasons

    If the info about the entrance could be clearer, that would be perfect. The NGA entrance closes at 5pm but the concert is at 6:30pm. If the info on the booking page or in the FAQ's could add something like the main entrance will open 30 minutes before the concert, that would be helpful.

  • Dimitrious H.

    Sydney | The Linseed House | 2022/01/26

    Tribute to Taylor Swift

    Would have loved the full 10 minute of All too Well but understand why they didn't do all of it

  • Morley M.

    Melbourne | 75 Reid St | 2022/04/20

    Vivaldi Four Seasons

    Its awesome concert!There is a very small proposal, it is recommended that the chairs between each line a little apart, because the front of the people often block the line of sight, affecting the experience, a little apart then you can see some of the stage through the gap.

  • Jack C.

    Melbourne | The National Theatre Melbourne | 2022/07/01

    Best of Joe Hisaishi and More

    It was terrific. The performers were excellent and the ushers did a lovely job ushering. It was all quite well organised. I will definitely keep an eye out for more events.

  • Pauline W.

    Melbourne | Collingwood Town Hall | 2023/03/31

    Tribute to Queen

    Fantastic performance, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the orchestra were amazing and the song choices perfect.

  • Bernadith W.

    Brisbane | Brisbane City Hall | 2023/03/11

    Best of Joe Hisaishi

    The Joe Hisaishi orchestral performance featuring the Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra was outstanding. The orchestra's exceptional musical skill and emotive renditions of Hisaishi's compositions, combined with Greame Press humor, created an immersive and captivating musical experience that was unforgettable.

  • Olivia v.

    Adelaide | The Meeting Hall | 2023/05/19

    Vivaldi's Four Seasons

    Absolutely beautiful from start to finish. I surprised mum with a night out to hear her favourite music pieces and she loved every second. Wonderful night, thank you

  • Danni S.

    Perth | Winthrop Hall | 2022/03/02

    Best of Magical Movie Soundtracks

    Loved it! What a wonderful evening - great venue, great music and great entertainment.

  • Stacey F.

    Brisbane | St John's Cathedral | 2023/01/07

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    The string quartet was incredibly talented and the ambiance was enchanting! I had chills the whole time. Highly highly recommend!!

  • Julie F.

    Brisbane | The Lussh | 2022/07/08

    A Tribute to Amy Winehouse

    Lovely evening. Extremely talented musicians and entertainers. Beautiful venue. Loved every minute.

  • Bart G.

    Brisbane | St John's Cathedral | 2023/02/18

    Hans Zimmer's Best Works

    The most amazing musical performance i have ever attended. I have been enjoying the work of Hans Zimmer for over 30 years and this wonderful evening was pure magic.

  • Aaron C.

    Melbourne | Meat Market | 2022/10/08

    Tribute to Adele

    Small audience made it an intimate experience Musicians were accomplished And Adele is worthy of reinterpretation in Strings …..brilliant choice by the Musical Director Looking forward to more Candlelight Fever Events….keep, them coming

  • Nigel B.

    Adelaide | The Meeting Hall | 2023/06/10

    Best of Hans Zimmer

    We loved the atmosphere of the venue, the acoustics, and the enthusiasm of the Quartet! Superb in every way. Thank you.

  • Basil E.

    Sydney | The Refectory | 2022/04/01

    Chopin’s Best Works

    The performance was amazing. The candlelight was lovely. Only downside was the seats were very tightly packed and it was very difficult to see the performer if you're not in the first row.

  • Nur Musfirah Izzati M.

    Brisbane | St John's Cathedral | 2022/01/22

    A Tribute to Taylor Swift

    The acoustic was nice but I’d really appreciate it if they can play at least one song from each era.

  • Lucy M.

    Perth | Winthrop Hall | 2022/11/19

    Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake & More ft. Ballet

    The music was amazing. I’m sure the ballet dancer was too, but the Winthrop hall is not a good venue to watch, I don’t think anyone beyond the 2 fronts rows could see the dancer. The octagon theatre was a much better experience.

  • Beverley H.

    Perth | Perth Town Hall | 2023/07/15

    Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake & More

    Beautiful sounds from the orchestra & the ballerinas were faultless. Loved it & will be back.