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The best classical music in a candlelit setting experience The best classical music in a candlelit setting experience
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Reviews of Candlelight concerts in the UK

  • Katrina Marsden


    This was an amazing experience, the whole setup was great. St. Mary's Church looked amazing, the band was superb and the staff were very polite and helpful. I could not have asked for more.

  • Gary Kirk


    A great experience and a great band. The Blackpool Tower was beautiful and the setting was amazing. I'll look forward to seeing more of these events.

  • Hannah Parr


    Amazing show! Incredible band in an epic Wells Cathedral! Can’t wait to go to another one.

  • Orinta Kilaitė


    The most wonderful evening. Kenwood House's atmosphere was great. The string quartet played beautiful music. I will definitely be looking at more events from the Candlelight series.

  • Vicky Cunningham


    The Tall Ship and the music were beautiful. Artist was amazing and interacted well with the crowd. Highly recommend it and will be back!

  • Elana Goetz


    Phenomenal! Loved the voices, loved the music, loved the Freemason's Hall ... just loved it!

  • Aidan Boyle


    Spellbound, stunning, captivating. What a beautiful St. Philip's Cathedral and an amazing way to spend an evening.

  • Laura Bishop


    Outstanding! Every piece played gave us goosebumps! The most talented musicians we have ever seen and the Palm House was stunning. Thank you.

  • Sanjana Singh


    Unreal! The music was spot on and the atmosphere was incredible. Would definitely recommend it!

  • Gillian Ward


    Fantastic event, beautiful setting and very atmospheric. The music was so moving and the Fever staff were so helpful and friendly.

  • Pippa Mead


    Wow what an experience, beautiful setting at The Belfast Empire Music Hall. The musicians were spectacular

  • Edna Liliana


    The string quartet performed the musical pieces with great mastery, it was a gift for the soul.

  • Tom Darville


    Absolutely awesome. One of the best hours I've spent listening to live music. I'd go back again.

  • Barbara Jenkins


    Such a beautiful evening. The music was exquisite and the Gloucester Cathedral was amazing.

  • Debbie Pinero


    A beautiful, heartwarming experience. Went with my family and loved every minute.

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The Candlelight
music concerts in UK

Experience live classical music like never before. From London to Edinburgh and Cardiff to Newcastle Upon Tyne, these performances will take you on a melodic journey by candlelight within some of the United Kingdom’s most spectacular locations.

Choose from classical music, jazz, pop, movie soundtracks, ballet and many, many more.

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Classical Music and Artists for every taste in the United Kingdom

Whether it’s tributes to Hanz Zimmer or Taylor Swift, there’s a Candlelight concert for everyone. Be whisked away by music by Vivaldi, spellbound by the best Coldplay songs or energised by the most famous Queen's melodies. Discover your favourite artists in an ever-growing list of classical music programmes performed by pianists and string quartets.

Spectacular venues in the UK

Every venue is carefully chosen to elevate the listening experience. Relax under the roof of the impressive Ulster Museum (Belfast) or soak up the architecture at Southwark Cathedral (London). From some of the United Kingdom's most impressive churches to its astonishing theatres and museums, each venue will sweep you off your feet while you are listening to the best classical music

Greatest performers of classical music

Professional classical musicians from all over the world will leave you speechless with their skill during the Candlelight concerts.

We always choose the instrumental ensemble that best suits our classical music program: solo piano, string quartet, brass band, vocals & guitar…

Candlelit concert atmosphere

Hundreds of candles will illuminate all unique locations in the United Kingdom, creating a serene atmosphere that will enhance your listening to the Candlelight experience.

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