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The best classical music experience in a candlelit setting The best classical music experience in a candlelit setting
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Reviews of Candlelight concerts in the US

  • Liam

    St. Petersburg, FL

    The Musicians were great! I enjoyed the info in between some of the songs also. Had I known this was going to be so good, I would've bought tickets for both shows. Lastly, the staff was very helpful, and the Church was gorgeous. Much better than I expected, and I will definitely return for more events!

  • Noah

    New Orleans

    Music was beautiful and the venue was amazing with candlelight

  • Charlotte

    San Antonio

    Nice venue. Lots of f memories when younger and came to watch movies there. The staff was courteous and helpful. The performance was excellent. A nice intimate setting for Valentines Day celebration.

  • Henry


    The atmosphere overall was really fantastic. Venue, music, service was really great. Can't wait to go again

  • William

    San Diego

    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it. - Lady Gaga (about your Taylor Swift performance)

  • Isabella

    El Paso

    1,000,000,000 stars. Best thing ever! 😍 Please do something like this in Little Rock, AR or Hot Springs, AR

  • Evelyn


    A beautiful and amazing performance! The ambiance was just perfect! The event was a bit too short, a couple of hours of performance would've been perfect.

  • Luna


    Beautiful setting, easy to park and get to. Musicians were outstanding. Loved the way they told stories and alerted us for things to look for within the music. Each was an extraordinary gifted artist! So happy I went.

  • Elijah


    Beautiful venue that I didn't even know was there! Sound was amazing. Songs were all wonderful. The only negative was it was difficult to hear the musicians when they were speaking - if they could be mic'ed it might help!

  • Emma

    New York

    If I closed my eyes, I felt as if Amy Winehouse was performing in front of me. Incredible singer and musicians!

  • Jamal


    In a word: EXQUISITE! The setting, the venue, THE CANDLES, the musicians and the music. First time for us, not last time.

  • Turner


    Musicians are excellent. The atmosphere is great. Third time attending with my wife/family and will do it again. Love the event.

  • Wrenlee

    Orange County

    Performances were so good. My favorite, legend of Zelda THHEEEEMMMMMMEEEEE! For me, Super Smash Bros 64’s hyrule castle stage… ah.. wait.. I should go home tonight and play it hahaha.. good stuff guys!

  • David


    So so SO good! Such a fun girls night out and totally different experience. We loved it and had a great time. Thank you!!

  • Aaron


    Thank you! What a beautiful way to spend an evening with my family. The music,setting and candlelight created a lovely way to experience ABBA’s music.

  • David


    Thanks for expanding to the east bay. Opening institution and public buildinis to the public at night is magical. Wish we could explore the building

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Candlelight music
concerts in the US

Experience live classical music like never before. From NYC to Los Angeles and Houston to Miami, these performances will take you on a melodic candlelit journey within some of the United States' most spectacular locations. Choose from classical music, jazz, pop, movie soundtracks, ballet and many more.
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    New York

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Classical music and artists to suit every taste in the States

Whether it’s tributes to Hanz Zimmer or Taylor Swift, there’s a Candlelight concert for everyone. Be whisked away by music by Vivaldi, spellbound by the best Coldplay songs or energized by Queen's most famous melodies. Discover your favorite artists in an ever-growing list of classical music programs performed by pianists and string quartets.

Spectacular venues in the United States

Every venue is carefully chosen to elevate the listening experience. Relax under the roof of the impressive Church of the Heavenly Rest (New York) or soak up the architecture at Magnolia Hall (Atlanta). From some of the United States' most impressive churches to its astonishing theaters and museums, each venue will sweep you off your feet while you listen to the best classical music.

Greatest performers of classical music

Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable skills of professional classical musicians from around the globe during our Candlelight concerts.

We always choose the instrumental ensemble that perfectly complements our classical music program, whether it's a solo piano, string quartet, brass band, vocals & guitar, or more.

Candlelit concert atmosphere

Hundreds of candles will illuminate our unique locations throughout the United States, creating a serene atmosphere that enhances your Candlelight experience.

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